Created using Realflow and Tubulence FD inside of Cinema 4D, rendered in Corona.
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The process required a simulation to be made in turbulence, of which then an xpresso command can map the points of the simulation. These points are then used to designate the mesh particles for the Realflow. Simulation size was around 60 Gb for the turbulence, this was then meshed at a high level.

The Realflow mesh must be active when simulating in order to create as it cannot be cached unfortunately as the thinking particles used are generated each frame. Every frame added an 10,000 particles to the total number, all had a lifespan of 600 frames (the total length).

As the particles created are taken from direct data of the turbulence FD simulation, creation on frame 0 may result in some remaining stationary, this does not benefit the mesh and will create some points that are incorrect. To avoid this issue, xpresso allows for the removal of the particles which have a motion equal to 0, or of similar nature. Alteration into the level at which they are moved will be required on a per simulation basis.

This process does take a long time to get the desired effect, however, if individual frames are needed, although they may not show up on the picture viewer. If rendering frame 250 (per say) then the simulation may carry out for 20 mins and then the frame will render correctly.
If there are any other questions about the creation of the simulation, feel free to ask. I am happy to explain more as how each element of the simulation is created.
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